CloudPBX Service

CloudPBX4U is a Cloud hosted PBX & next generation (NGN) business service that provides you, your house, your office with unified communication features over your existing broadband connection.

We partner with Global Tier-1 provider and telecom providers in Malaysia to customise diferent plans and packages to ensure that you get superior call quality and PBX management that best suit your needs.


In addition, you can buy the IP Phone/ Hardware from us, we will configure together with the package that you have chosen and deliver to you, so you do not have the hassle of integration problem or buy the wrong hardware for the package that you need OR deal individually with different providers and test out different plan/ package in order to find the right one.


Just let us handle your Voice business so that you can focus expanding your business. We strike to bring the world best service to your doorstep without compromise your business.

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Outsource Services 


As a Region Outsource Service partner, we help our partners in other countries to extend their service offerings as a One Stop Center for Global clients.

We also partnering and working with region footprint partners/ customers in providing solutions for any requirements beyond their domain expertise, bringing huge advantage as they are now able to serve their customers with a more comprehensive service portfolio.

Outsourcing is not just a strategy for cost reduction. It is an essential element of growth. Whatever your requirements are, we have a dedicated global team entrusted to cater your needs. Our specialisations include, but not limited to:

  • Network Outsourcing

  • Telco Outsourcing

  • Test & Deployment

  • Provision of Managed Services

  • Multimedia Services

Find out more, click HERE

3CX Software PBX for Windows 


3CX Phone System is Windows based, meaning you won’t need to learn Linux in order to get it working. It’s a VoIP PBX, so you can connect office and remote workers without having to pay extra on telephone bills. 3CX Phone System provides Unified Communications that increase employee productivity and you can integrate it with your CRM. It’s easier to scale and manage yourself.


See why thousands of businesses worldwide of all sizes, including Pepsi, American Express, Boeing, Harley Davidson, Formula One’s Caterham F1, RE/MAX and M.I.T. are turning to 3CX Phone System!

Skype Gateway


This is a perfect solution for business reply on Social Media, Online Marketing, Export Market, Oversea buyers, Hotel, Restaurant online order and etc.,


Just put a "Call Me" button on your website, peope who browse your website can make free call to your office PBX, Keyphone or IP-PBX system without Laptop or PC.


  • Anyone in your office can answer the Web incoming call

  • NO need to dedicate a person to handle the Web call

  • Can route the call to your Mobile phone from the Web  

  • FREE Calls, no additional charge for this Service

Cloud Voice Solution

Whether your organisation is currently using traditional PBX system or IP-PBX, we have solution to upgrade your current system base on your business needs and growth. 

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