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About Ribbon Communications

Ribbon Communications Inc. is a global technology company with more than two decades of leadership in real-time communications. Built on world-class technology and intellectual property, Ribbon delivers secure, embedded and engaging real-time communications for today’s world. The company transforms fixed, mobile and enterprise networks from legacy environments to secure IP and cloud-based architectures, enabling highly productive communications for consumers and businesses.
With locations in 27 countries around the globe, Ribbon’s innovative, market-leading portfolio empowers service providers and enterprises with rapid service creation using fully virtualized environments and network infrastructure, along with a new level of security for real-time communications.


Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Direct Routing offers the choice of staying with your existing telephony provider when using the calling capabilities of Microsoft Teams. You can connect existing analog, digital or VoIP lines using a Microsoft-certified session border controller (SBC). SBCs connect legacy systems and endpoints to the Microsoft Phone System. Ribbon is one of only a few vendors whose SBCs are certified to work with Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams. We work with Microsoft to test a continuous delivery of enhancements to the Phone System before they are made generally available. This level of cooperation drives Ribbon SBCs to be officially supported by Microsoft.


Enable Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams from any virtualized environment, including Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Ribbon’s Session Border Controller, Software Edition Edge (SBC SWe Edge), deploys in the Azure or AWS cloud as well as on Hyper-V, VMWare, and KVM. Regardless of the deployment choice, SBC SWe Edge provides a secure bridge between a provider’s SIP trunks and an enterprise’s Teams deployment. It’s an ideal solution for organizations that want to bring their SIP trunks directly into a public or private cloud. Service providers can easily deliver a managed SBC service (including centralized management via the Ribbon Application Management Platform) by hosting SBC SWe Edge in their own network or the public cloud.

There is no dedicated SBC hardware to deploy or manage, as everything is in the public or private cloud. The solution is operational in minutes and can scale up or down as needed. Ribbon’s SBC software is designed for compute efficiency. In fact, a small business can be supported with a single Standard_B1ms virtual machine instance on Azure or a Burstable t3.small virtual machine instance on AWS.


Ribbon Advantages Include:

  • Microsoft-certified including optional services such as Local Media Optimization and e911

  • Robust security to keep bad actors out of the network and prevent service disruptions

  • Full media services including SILK and OPUS transcoding

  • Easy Configuration Wizard speeds deployments and reduces configuration errors.

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