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U4 Communication Softswitch


The U4 is a carrier-grade Class 5 Softswitch that enables service providers to deliver high quality, feature-rich residential VoIP services to residential and small office/home office (SOHO) customers equipped with IP-enabled devices such as landline IP phones, IP adaptors or smartphone devices.

It is highly configurable base on business case requirements and customization base on customers' business application. 


The data collection terminal collects the data from the environment with suitable and compatible sensors. You can monitor, report and generate alarms in real-time with EMS and DCIM solution packages. These are compatible with central monitoring module.

Sensors that can be used with Data Collection Terminal:

  • Light Sensor

  • Door Lock Sensor

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  • Motion Sensor

  • Smoke Sensor

  • Shock Sensor

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Thermal Effect Air Flow Sensor

  • PT100 Temperature Sensor

  • Rope Type Water Leak Probe

  • 1 Phase Voltage Sensor

  • Water Leak Probe

  • Climate Control Sensor

  • Water Leak Sensor

  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor

  • Air Quality Sensor

  • Oxygen Sensor

  • Sıcaklık ve Nem Sensörü

  • 0-20mA to 1-Wire Converter

  • PT100 to 1-Wire Converter



Provides real-time monitoring of your energy distribution system over a single line diagram. The dry contact information of the circuit breakers ensures that the lines are active and intervened when necessary. According to the data from the energy distribution line, it reports consumption information according to the desired time interval (instant, daily, monthly, etc.). The energy consumption efficiency of the enterprise is measured and analyzed. Generates rules and alarms over data obtained from reactive power relays. In this way, you can avoid reactive penalties of your business.


In the event of a power outage, it is possible to monitor the data such as fuel and battery status in the power distribution system from generators and UPSs. It helps you to create an emergency scenario.


The energy management module performs the following operations:

  • Monitoring and reporting of energy consumption at the desired time interval

  • Monitoring of abnormal energy consumption and warnings

  • Monitoring of generator and UPS alarms

  • Checking the instantaneous status of generators and UPS in case of power failure

  • Monitoring of the Reactive Compensation Relay

  • Monitoring of reactive power consumption

  • Monitoring of voltage, current, frequency, power factor data and alarm definitions

  • Comparison of energy consumption data on the basis of consumption center (branch, operation, region etc.)

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