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Cyber Security

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The Internet of Things (IoT) & Industry 4.0 Cyber Security Risk

The Internet of Things has moved from big idea to reality faster than most expected, much less planned for. But regardless of whether you’ve planned for it, it could already be influencing your organization’s cyber risk profile. This new paradigm creates a myriad of connection points for hackers to gain entry into IoT ecosystems, access customer information, or even penetrate manufacturers’ back-end systems. Therefore, a comprehensive Cyber Security planning must be in place to defense such vulnerable network.

The interconnected nature of Industry 4.0–driven operations and the pace of digital transformation mean that cyberattacks can have far more extensive effects than ever before. cyber risks created by businesses who are increasingly using smart, connected technologies to innovate, transform, modernize, and otherwise make tactical or strategic business decisions that could result in such risk.

Our Approach

Our cyber team will work with your IT personnel to perform some assessment of your network. We will provide extensive study and with the permission, our team can simulate the cyber threat attack to check the strengthness of your existing network. Our solution will never replace any of your existing security devices or software, being Firewall, Antivirus or IS, we will compliment and enhance the security portfolio.

Cyber Defence Features
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The Network Architect
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