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The Internet of Things (IoT)
The Internet of Things essentially enables us to connect ‘things’ to the Internet. These things or items can exchange information between them and transmit data to other devices and systems.
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IoT is an umbrella term with many use cases, technologies, standards and applications. The things and data are the starting point and essence of what IoT enables and means. 

The connection of IoT ‘things’ and usage of IoT data enables various improvements and innovations in the lives of consumers, in business, healthcare, mobility, cities and society.

The Internet of Things is the logical next step in the evolution of the Internet and is a continuation of M2M (machine-to-machine) networks and technologies, building upon and extending technologies in M2M, mobile technologies, RFID and more.

From a business perspective ecosystems, in the broad sense of partnerships, collaborations, channel partnerships, alliances and ecosystems of innovation/collaboration are also key to IoT. 

We work with different partners and synergies our solution to provide a comprehensive easy-deploy, hassle free integration. 

Cloud IOT platform

IoT devices are devices with multiple sensors connected to the cloud, typically via gateways. Cloud IoT platform allows you to aggregate, visualize, and analyze live data streams in the cloud. You can send data from your devices, create instant visualization of live data, and send alerts.

IOT Gateway

An IoT Gateway is a solution for enabling IoT communication, usually device -to-device communications or device-to-cloud communications. The gateway is typically a hardware device housing application software that performs essential tasks. At its most basic level, the gateway facilitates the connections between different data sources and destinations.


A simple way to conceive of an IoT Gateway is to compare it to your home or office network router or gateway. Such a gateway facilitates communication between your devices, maintains security and provides an admin interface where you can perform basic functions. An IoT Gateway does this and much more.

Industry 4.0 _ IO-Link
Its objective is to provide a open standard technological platform that enables industrial communications networking standard used for connecting digital sensors and actuators.
ID4.0 IO-Link

At Service4U you gain holistic IO-Link solutions with high-performance different vendor's IO-Link sensors and the best IO-Link hybrid network and connectivity technology. So you have access to IO-Link advantages throughout the entire system and for each individual application.

IO-link ultrasonic sensors can measure fill levels, heights and sag without making contact as well as count and monitor the presence of objects, unaffected by transparent objects with strong reflections; fog, dust and impurities are also not an issue for detection.

IOT application.png
IO-link sensors.png
Cloud Vibration Monitoring
To provide remote monitor of all the motor related machinery in different location or different countries. Preventive maintenance is better than major repair.
Cloud Vibration Monitoring

The connectivity with the vibration sensors and the machine will be installed on-site, then all the sensors will connect to control unit via 3G/4G sim card. Then the data will be sent via mobile network to the cloud platform. 

Maintenance teams or Service Providers will monitor remotely login to the IOT cloud platform. If problem detected or error occur base on the manufacturer recommended value, then alert will notify the team with Email, SMS or Whatsapp. So the team can be dispatched onsite to diagnose further.

This solution will tremendously save the work force needed for each site and provide work class service to the end-customers. 

Vibration sensor.jpg
Monitoring 4G sim card .jpg
Tower Light Cloud Monitoring
Off-the-Shelf solution for factory or manufacturing process. Just plug it into the current Modbus, RS-485, Digital output and convert to Cloud base.
Tower Light Cloud Monitoring
Tower light monitor.png

The controllers found in most industrial equipment contain enormous reservoirs of untapped data. For OEMs pursuing IoT, this provides a unique opportunity. All of this equipment (CNC machines, generators, air compressors, etc.) already contain dozens of sensors that are constantly being read by the controller as part of normal operations. Finding a way to access and centralize this existing sensor data is a huge step towards the ultimate goal of offering IoT services like remote monitoring or condition-based maintenance.

We have developed a unique way of capturing the data via IOT controller and manage to capture the data without making changes of your current machinery or process, just add some controller and modify some settings, VOILA, migrate to Industry 4.0 readiness. Discuss with our team, so that we can assist you for the migration without making huge investment of changes.

The Future is NOW

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